1.5.0 (01/13/2019)

  • [Feature] #43: Ability to use any parameter of paramiko.client.SSHClient.connect in SSHSession.

1.4.1 (03/31/2018)

  • [Bug] #33: Fix download of file owned by root with SSHSession.get
  • [Bug] : Automatically open closed session when calling SSHSession.put. Thanks to @fmaupas for the fix.

1.4.0 (01/29/2018)

  • [Feature] #29: Expose compression support from Paramiko (inherited from SSH). Thanks to @fmaupas for the contribution.

1.3.2 (12/17/2017)

  • [Bug] #23: do not print byte but str in continuous output when running command with python3. Thanks to @nicholasbishop for the report.

1.3.1 (09/15/2017)

  • fix interruption of remote command when transport channel is already closed

1.3.0 (09/14/2017)

  • allow to conceal part of the command run in logs specifying list of pattern in silent parameter (regexp format) For example, if a password is specified in command you may want to conceal it in logs but still want to log the rest of the command run
  • ability to customize success exit code when calling run_cmd so that an exit code different from 0 do not raise any exception. Success exit code can be an int or even a list of int if several exit codes are considered a success.
  • ability to retry remote command until success or max retry is reached
  • ability to forward Ctrl-C to remote host in order to interrupt remote command before stopping local script

1.2.1 (07/27/2017)

  • reduce logging level of some logs
  • propagate missing ‘silent’ parameter in restclient module to run_cmd to control logging

1.2.0 (07/24/2017)

  • automatically open inactive session when running command on it
  • automatically open inactive jump session when requesting remote session

1.1.0 (07/20/2017)

  • Each ssh session can be used as a jump server to access multiple remote sessions in parallel. Only 1 remote session per jump server was allowed before.
  • ability to customize retry interval when opening a ssh session

1.0.2 (07/14/2017)

  • Fix run of shell builtins commands (source, …) when impersonating another user as they cannot be executed without the shell and by default, sudo do not run shell

1.0.1 (06/11/2017)

  • Fix BadHostKeyException raised by paramiko when reusing same ssh session object to connect to a different remote host having same IP than previous host (just TCP port is different)

1.0.0 (05/24/2017)

  • First release