Source code for jumpssh.exception

[docs]class SSHException(Exception): """Generic exception for jumpssh Allow to chain exceptions keeping track of origin exception """ def __init__(self, msg, original_exception=None): message = msg if original_exception: message += ": %s" % original_exception super(SSHException, self).__init__(message) self.__cause__ = original_exception self.__suppress_context__ = True
[docs]class ConnectionError(SSHException): """Exception raised when unable to establish SSHSession with remote host""" pass
[docs]class TimeoutError(SSHException): """Exception raised when remote command execution reached specified timeout""" pass
[docs]class RestClientError(SSHException): """Exception raised when error occurs during rest ssh calls""" pass
[docs]class RunCmdError(SSHException): """Exception raised when remote command return a non success exit code :ivar int exit_code: The exit code from the run command. :ivar list(int): List of expected success exit codes for run command. :ivar str command: The command that is generating this exception. :ivar str error: The error captured from the command output. """ def __init__(self, exit_code, success_exit_code, command, error, runs_nb=1): message = 'Command (%s) returned exit status (%s), expected [%s]' \ % (command, exit_code, ','.join(map(str, success_exit_code))) if runs_nb > 1: message += " after %s runs" % runs_nb if error: message += ": %s" % error super(RunCmdError, self).__init__(message) self.exit_code = exit_code self.success_exit_code = success_exit_code self.command = command self.error = error self.runs_nb = runs_nb